Dear Friend of Whispering Pines Church,

Sunday evening was truly a cherished experience for the 79 people who attended our annual public baptism celebration at the Jonsson home. Four dear people followed the Lord Jesus in public baptism, and the celebration of fellowship that followed continues to linger in my heart. Thank you, dear church, for rejoicing in this special step of faith together! Secondly, I am deeply gratified by our children’s ministry. Kathy Moore is spearheading a wonderful curriculum for our children taking them into the wondrous story of God’s story through the Bible. The ministry will launch on September 7th, and I would encourage all parents to attend that opening day celebration at 10AM. This Sunday, I will be continuing our teaching series in Romans with “Living for the New” (Romans 7:1-6). There is something special about the old in many areas of our lives. Antiques, lessons learned, timeless truths discovered. Yet, there is another sense in which, in Christ, we are to foster the new. Join us to learn together this secret of freshness God desires in our lives. Have a blessed week...

Pastor Brian Young

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